Blogpost1: reflection my online world experiance

Blogpost1: reflection my online world experiance

This blog is a reflection on my experience in the online world as a learner links with some relevant literature review, the reason of taking Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) module and my expectations.

My experience of the online world:
To be honest, most of my experience in the online world is limited to the social media, communications or fun. so I can say that I have learned non-academic staff such as cooking, organising dealing with children and so on from YouTube and Instagram. I used to use twitter for a small period of time but I did not like it.
also, I can say that I have developed my English skills there but in a fun way. for example, I watch Ted talks ( and BBC I player ( in English regularly. it is really helped be to develop my English skills and a bit to understand Scottish culture. So, I have not taken any official online course yet.

Literature review on learning and network learning:
Driscoll (2000) has defined learning as “a presenting change in human performance or performance potential…[which] must come about as a result of the learning experience and interaction with the world”(P.11). Learning theories have started to move into a digital age by having all these technology and connection between them(Siemens,2014). A network has been defined as “connections between entities. Computer networks, power grids, and social networks all function on the simple principle that people, groups, systems, nodes, entities can be connected to create an integrated whole” (Siemens, 2014, P.4). to bring these together we will see “network learning” People can learn by themselves or from each other by using this technology and communications.

In these digital days, I find online learning is the first option to learn something. In my point of view, online learning is the fast way to start learn something because people can find any resource quickly and easy. I see online learning is the most optional resource in the learning world. But until this moment I did not have a chance to use it effectively because I was jumping from contexts to other without focusing on one area. so this is one reason I have taken Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) module to learn how to be online learner the second reason is to promote it to my students in the future. then I can use technology to enhance my teaching. I planning to improve this and take the advantage of TEL and network world hardly because I believe it will help and develop myself as a learner. I expect from TEL to develop my online world in an effective way so I can achieve my goals. also, I expect to learn new techniques and a better understanding of the online world. For now, I can see three good exciting starts from TEL which are: twitter, WordPress and Google hangout.

I feel bit scared but that is fine because I really want to develop my learning.

I recommend:

Anderson, T., & Dron, J. (2012). Learning technology through three generations of technology enhanced distance education pedagogy. European journal of open, distance and e-learning, 15(2).‏


Driscoll, M. (2000). Psychology of Learning for Instruction. Needham Heights, MA, Allyn & Bacon.

Siemens, G. (2014). Connectivism: A learning theory for the digital age.‏


3 thoughts on “Blogpost1: reflection my online world experiance

  1. Hello Hajar, you have a nice write-up here. I like the way you have defined learning and networking, featured your online experience and expectations. However, it would be nice to mention examples of social media sites you have used where people can learn by themselves or learn from each other.


  2. Thank you for your post, you have presented an interesting view about your experience in online world. I hope you will enjoy this module, and achieve your goals in improving your skills of online learning.


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