Blogpost5:Connection of Technology with concepts of diverse and Inclusive Education

Blogpost5:Connection of Technology with concepts of diverse and Inclusive Education

According to (United Nations, n.d.) “everyone has the right to education”. However, some students are facing limitations that make it difficult for them to integrate well in the traditional education system. Inclusive education can be defined as “all students attend and are welcomed by their neighbourhood schools in age-appropriate, regular classes and are supported to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of the life of the school.” ( It is hard to educate every student especially students with special needs. However, technologies can be useful in improving inclusive technology. Technology can make it easier by providing some tools could help them to learn.

These are some of the tools:
“Reading tools: Reading tools are an example of an assistive technology reading tool is the ability of a software application to read the text aloud.
Writing tools : Writing tools offer a variety of features. One of these features is the ability of a writing program to speak as you type, either by letter, word or sentence and so give instant feed-back.”(Farrall & O’Connor, 2010,p.36)

Technology has made many students who have disability independent (Farrall & O’Connor, 2010). Now, they are able to read and write with the assistance of technology (Farrall & O’Connor, 2010). They are also, able to use the internet and communicate with others by use one or more tools of technology. Also, students with multiple disabilities could take advantages of technologies help.(Farrall & O’Connor, 2010)

digital divide:
according to Aleph Molinari in his TED talk, he said that digital divide has been defined as”the gap between individuals and communities that have access to information technologies and those that don’t”
Also, he talked a lot about it interestingly and briefly. He has critical evaluation about the idea of one laptop for a child in the way the possibility and economically. Then, he presented a better idea which could reach even more people than one laptop did. I really recommend having a watch to his talk. It is only 10 minutes long but it has good content:


To reflect on that I think it is not only the matter of accessibility, it is also the matter of awareness. talking about myself, I have accessed the technology and the internet since I was the high school. However, I was not aware enough about what can I learn or take advantage of. Until I took frameworks for understanding learning and technology enhanced learning courses. they really developed my awareness and my understanding of e-learning. also, it made me feel I want to create something and I want to continue my learning by myself after my master degree. I planned to explore more tools and create something useful then share it with the community throughout social media.


Farrall, J., & O’Connor, G. (2010). Inclusive learning technologies – supporting students of all abilities. Professional Educator, 9(1), 34–37., n.d.,

United Nations (n.d.). UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Retrieved January, 25 2007, from: University


2 thoughts on “Blogpost5:Connection of Technology with concepts of diverse and Inclusive Education

  1. The blog asserted the right of education for all people whether they have abilities or disabilities. It also focused on the potential of technology in offering many types of services for disabilities. It is important to consider that beside the benefits of technology, there are many challenges could face disabilities people. For example, disabilities people can not benefit of technology without financial and community support.

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