Blogpost6:summarising the benefits between me and my peers

Blogpost6:summarising the benefits between me and my peers

In this blog, I am going to summarise some of how my peers influenced my learning throughout Technology Enhanced Learning course from my lecture(@cristinacost) and what I am going to do after this class.

My peers and me supporting each other:
The first thing I want to mention here is I had really bad habits of reading and referencing. I did not use any technology support to help me doing it. Except, searching for articles then print it. Finally, typing my essay in a word documents after I have written it in my note. What happened then, my peer (@JenTechlearning) has twitted a question of a new tool for reading and referencing if it is better than what she is using now:


This time, I feel like her question like a gift to me. Although she was just asking about a new one, the whole idea was like this what I really need to make my reading and referencing much easier. To be honest I ask my husband about this tool and he told me that he have heard about “Mendeley Desktop”. Now I am using this tool for my blogs’ and my dissertation. I am not printing any article anymore for essays. It really helped me to back to the information I need in seconds by clicking on the search button and look for the keywords. So, I don’t need to read the whole paper to find the information I needed.

The second thing is from my peers Molly( @heymomo8) and Christian( @sirchris2009). It was it direct effect but I have seen them several times taking their notes electronically. I did not ask them what tools they used but it gave me an idea to look for one. So, my husband recommended “Evernote” to me ( and I liked it as well.

The third thing is I really learned a lot by observing my peers and having discussions about our courses which I don’t really have evidence for it.

•the fourth thing is #TELstrath in twitter was the place to post my questions, ask for advice, experience and sharing interesting things with each other these are some of them:







There are more in #TELSTRATH
• Actually, I started to share things were useful to me because it may be useful to my peers as well in #Telstrath.
I started to engorge my sister to take more benefit of online courses and she inspired know because of me. “I can’t bring evidence of this because it was video calls”

My future plan:
I am really planning to continue my learning via online courses once I finish my master degree. I can say that I feel that I know how to take benefits of the online world.
My first stations will be these:

Then I am going to explore more courses that interest me. Also, I am going to share them with my friends so they can take benefits too.

There are a lot to say about how my learning extremely changed during Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) but I just summarised some of them.


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