Digital literacy Blog 3:Critical Digital Literacy

Digital literacy Blog 3:Critical Digital Literacy

As I have been very curious toward digital world, there are many topics I would like to explore for my blogs. This week I am really interested in critical digital literacy. As part of my master degree, one of the first skills I have to learn is critical thinking. Now I would like to explore with you critical digital literacy.

What is critical digital literacy?

It is “a set of skills, competencies, and analytical viewpoints that allow a person to use, understand, and create digital media and tools. Related to information literacy skills such as numeracy, listening, speaking, reading, writing and critical thinking, the goal of critical digital literacy is to develop active and engaged thinkers and creators in digital environments. Digital literacy is more than technological understanding or computer skills and involves a range of reflective, ethical, and social perspectives on digital activities”

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so digital critical literacy is quite similar to what I have learned before about critical reading and writing but it is with respect to the digital world. I found a very nice article that divided critical digital literacy into 5 dimensions:

5 Dimensions Of Critical Digital Literacy: A Framework

Attribution: Juliet Hinrichsen and Antony Coombs at the University of Greenwich.

1-Decoding: This dimension of digital literacy Includes skills focus on:

  • Understanding the digital movement (windows, buttons, bars, scrolling, windows).
  • Understanding the norms and the digital behaviour (community norms, safety and online behaviour, privacy and sharing).
  • Understanding the common operations (upload and download, organizing files, saving).
  • Evaluating stylistics (font, colour, transition, layout choices).
  • Understanding the different modes of digital texts (twitter, video, games).

2-Meaning Making: This dimension of digital literacy focuses on:

  • The ability to read, follow and understand digital content.
  • Structural and visual elements
  • finding a connection between the new knowledge and adopt them.
  • The ability to transfer purpose, intention, feeling or idea into a digital form.

3-Using: This dimension of digital literacy includes:

  • Finding the right tool from different tools for a specific purpose.
  • Apply tools and techniques effectively.
  • Apply problem solving,
  • Have enough confidence to explore and experiment.

4-Analyzing: This dimension of digital literacy includes:

  • Analyse the components that construct the digital resource.
  • Examine the tools, the purpose and the structure that shape a digital resource.

5-Persona: This dimension of digital literacy covers:

  • Considering identity and membership in the digital context.
  • Building an identity sensitive to the issues of reputation.
  • Understanding the importance of the digital identity and the reputation of the individual and the digital community.

To conclude:

It has been nice chance for me to explore this aspect. I believe that I still need to develop it throughout my learning to have a better understanding of it.


5 Dimensions Of Critical Digital Literacy: A Framework


6 thoughts on “Digital literacy Blog 3:Critical Digital Literacy

  1. Hi Hajar
    These definitions will help when creating open educational resources. I agree with you that it’s necessary to understand what is involved in specific digital technologies to assess how effective they are in creating the desired learning outcomes. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for your post. This is an interesting topic. The dimensions of critical digital literacy are important to learn and use for learners , educators and anyone that is interested in the digital world.


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