Digital literacy Blog 4:Open Educational Resource(OER)

Digital literacy Blog 4:Open Educational Resource(OER)

Recently, there was a huge increase in the number of Open Educational Resource OER(Downes 2007). This was noticed almost ten years ago and this trend has been going strong with advances in technology and its reach to new people. As a part of my assessment in this module, I have to create OER. thus, I decide to use it as a topic to one of my blogs to gather and explore more about it.

What is OER?

The open educational resource has been defined as “resources produced by individuals and shared on sites outside the formal education portals eg YouTube, Slideshare, Flickr”

Although this definition is clear and simple, it only described “educational resource”. It doesn’t talk about the word open or its meaning.

It also has been defined by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)(2002) as “technology-enabled, open provision of educational resources for consultation, use and adaptation by a community of users for noncommercial purposes”. It seems that this definition has described OER better than the previous one.

So, in the other words, OER is an open(anyone can access), educational(deliver knowledge), resource(material) that created by an individual.

Big and little OER

Hoyle (2009) has divided OER into Big OER and Little OER:

Big OER:

This type of OER associated with big projects such as Open Learn. It has a high amount of quality. It has clear educational aims. Also, it is in a uniform style presentation.

Little OER:

This type of OER associated with the individual. Anyone can create it, doesn’t have to be an educator. It doesn’t have to be of a high quality.

I thought only educators can create them but after I have gathered these information I realized that OER could be anything that anyone would like to share such as resources on a specific topic. I wonder if someone has a talent in something and has created a resource to share his or her talent and how to develop it. Would this be an open educational resource?


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4 thoughts on “Digital literacy Blog 4:Open Educational Resource(OER)

  1. Thank you for your post, it is important topic, you have given a clear two definitions of OER . Can you give examples of OER to help educators or learners to find OER?


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